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真神1.35 rating?

原文標題:Virtus.pro send eternal fire to last chance stage

之前講過的,last chance stage。我是不是應該開一個文檔持續更新詞彙,這樣就不需要一直查往期詞彙了?

The Turkish side are down to their last tournament life.



Virtus.pro defeated Eternal Fire in a two-map series to send the Turkish side down to the Last Chance stage.The series started on Vertigo, where Dzhami "Jame" Ali and company secured a comfortable 16-10 victory before finishing the job with a 16-12 win on Inferno.



Despite their victory, Dastan "dastan" Akbayev remained grounded his post-match comments. "we need a lot of work. You can't fix everything in one month because you need to play a lot of official games."



Virtus.pro's next challenge will come against the windder of Cloud9 vs. Liquid in the mid-bracket final on Saturday at 15:00, while Eternal Fire will fight for their tournament lives against the loser of the aforementioned game.

vp會打C9 vs TL的輸家,EF會打那一場比賽的輸家。


Virtus.pro began Vertigo with a 9-3 start on their CT side, which was enouh for them to close out the map comfortable. The Turkish squad found a second wind after winning a force-buy in the second round of their defencse and got up to 10, but Jame and company didn't let up. They secured a 16-10 win after Jame clutched a 1vs2 on the B site and moved the series on th their pick of inferno.




found a second wind,你可以理解為慢熱


David"n0rb3r7"Danielyan started Inferno with a quad-kill in the pistol round, which his team converted to a 6-1 lead. The Russian squad then reverted to their signature playstyle which meant they often ran out of time to hit the bomb site and allowed Eternal Fire back into the game. The Turkish squad made the most out of opportunity and eventually won the half with an 8-7 scoreline.





Virtus.pro were much better on their defense and lost just four rounds despite Eternal Fire coming close several times. Ozgur"woxic"Eker fumbled a 1vs1 as e failed to find the bomb, and the round loss let Virtus.pro get up to match point, which they converted with a 16-12 victory.



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