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《刀锋战记》开发商 ACTION SQUARE 宣布旗下多平台射击动作游戏《ANVIL》即将开启全球测试。本次测试的对象为全球玩家,测试将持续 3 天,从 5 日到 7 日。此次,测试的目前是为了保证稳定性的同事,也注重玩家之间游戏的流畅性。




年内将在韩国乃至包括美国和欧洲在内的全球区域推出 PC、主机、云段等多种平台版本。

© Action Square has released Season 3 updates for roguelike shooter ANVIL, which is available for both Steam and Xbox. The highlight of the Season 3 update is the new toy worker system, which allows them to have different abilities by upgrading them with crowns, the in-game currency. Each toy worker has four available slots, each of which can be modified to have a random ability. Each ability can be upgraded with crowns up to 10 times for higher stats. The Season 3 update also added daily and weekly missions to the game that award extra Crowns for exploring certain galaxies with certain Destroyers. In addition, the update adds a guide to help beginners familiarize themselves with the game’s various systems and content. For the new season, the “season pass” has been renamed to “season reward” and the season rank and rewards have been reset. Another key part of the Season 3 update is the balance adjustment for most of the Destroyer skill upgrades and changes to the ranking system. With the new update, a global coupon has also been announced that gives extra crowns. ANVIL launched last December as Early Access on Steam, Game Preview on Xbox, and is available on Xbox GamePass. Meanwhile, the exact timing for the full release of ANVIL, which was previously scheduled for this year, will be announced in the future as Action Square plans to launch ANVIL on various platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, with a full release.




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